The Graph. The story about me :)

Данил Усов
2 min readDec 22, 2020

I’ll tell you the story about the coolest project of 2020 — The Graph! The main part will be played by my favorite actor Robert Downey Jr.

My face when I was ready to enter the Sale and the Curator program and I was told that it’s not worth my time.

But I was firm in my decision and had my mind already set on this. I was following the people and the idea I trusted. And finally this day has come — The Graph has been listed on the best stock exchanges!

My face while I was waiting for the opening of trades and the first deals.

This is how I felt when I entered the chat room full of people who had been trying to dissuade me from entering the project.

And you all remember what happened next in the movie — the shock wave… In our case it was the wave of emotions, especially impressed were those, who I had got to convince to participate in the project.

That’s the way I waked up and was behaving all day looking at the growth of GRT.

And what do those who did not go to the Sale or Curator program look like now?